An Inclusive and Intentioned Community

We believe that education must be personalized for each child to fulfill their own potential — but that “personal” shouldn’t mean isolated. Our goal is to foster empowered, 21st century leaders in their chosen fields — and that requires learning to identify and foster communities. Equally important, it requires a recognition that community isn’t just about the services you get, but the service that you give, and a recognition that with our gifts come the obligation to use them for the benefit of others.

These principles flow throughout our program. Community &Leadership is one of the six core pillars of our curriculum. Through our Human 101 curriculum, we share with all learners the basic physiology that informs who each of us are—science that builds empathetic communities as children become better able to understand peers whose neurocognitive or neurophysiological profiles differ from their own.

By the same token, we believe that our curriculum and processes should address the needs of our most complex twice exceptional learners, but then extend the benefits of those resources, approaches and expertise to all our learners.