Here’s what to expect during the application process:

Applying to Cajal Academy is a 5-step process designed to help us get to know one another. Here is what to expect:

1 - Create your free account and submit an online application

When you create your account, we’ll give you a unique link that you can use to access our online application system. This link will allow you to save your work on each page as you complete your form. At the end of the form, you will be asked to upload copies of any evaluations previously conducted for your child, including a recent neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation and any recent occupational therapy evaluations. You will also be asked to submit a $125 application fee; this fee helps us to partially defray the costs of our clinical team’s application review.

2 -  Admissions review

Our admissions team will review your child’s program in depth and if we feel it is a good fit then we will invite you and your child to an interview. If there are areas where we feel there are significant unanswered questions, we may recommend that you secure additional evaluations in particular areas in order to aid our interview decision.

3 - Come get to know us!

Our interview days are designed to give us an opportunity to make sure we understand your child’s programming needs, and to begin building our relationship with you and your child.

Over the course of a half or full day together, each child will meet our Head of School and will spend time in a gym-like setting with our Director of Therapeutic Services. Our experts may conduct additional testing in cognitive, social or physiological areas such as sensory processing and gross motor coordination, to give us a sense of your child’s programming needs.  Where the timing of your visit permits, we will also provide an opportunity for your child to meet with peers enrolled in the program. Time will also be scheduled for you to meet with our Head of School during your child’s visit.

Please reassure your child that ours is a child-first community. They should come wearing something they find comfortable for getting up and moving.

4 - Admissions decision

Admissions decisions are made based on a variety of factors, including the suitability of our program for meeting your child’s needs and balancing an appropriate mix of needs, ages and abilities within our program. Consideration may be given to the suitability of alternative educational programs within the community, as we are aware that we are the first program in Fairfield County to meet the needs of children having certain educational and physiological profiles.

We will do our best to get back to you with an admissions decision as quickly as possible after your child’s Interview Day. If we feel that your child is a good fit for our program but do not have a spot or feel that we don’t have the right mix of students for them at the present time, we will place your child on a waitlist and will update you as soon as possible.