How can we help your child create their best life-lived experience?


Empowering children through “Whole Human Education”


We take a data-driven approach to personalize each child’s academic instruction, but we appreciate that academic learning is but one of many elements that together create a child’s life-lived experience.

At Cajal Academy, each child’s curriculum is personalized not just within academics but across all of the core pillars of our curriculum. Just as each of us has academic strengths and weaknesses, so too each of us has a range of social, emotional, body and emotional skills—skills that together influence our life-lived experience. And, because we believe children should start learning their best lives today, learning priorities are set across the program based on how we can make the biggest impact for this child’s experience most quickly—not based on which chapter is next in the textbook.

Each child’s individualized program comes together across these different pillars through Agency: personalized strategies that each child can use to self-monitor, self-manage and self-advocate at every stage of their development, empowering them to optimize their own social, emotional and learning outcomes.


The six pillars of our curriculum: not just what you learn but who you are

Our aim isn’t just to create great scholars. Our aim is to empower children with the knowledge and the tools they need to optimize their own best learning, social and emotional outcomes.