Our Philosophy

We are integrating advances in research, therapeutic and educational fields and re-designing education from the ground up, based on 6 guiding principals:


Children should go as far and as fast as their passions and curiosity will take them, without some artificial ceiling getting in the way.

All children benefit from learning in a diverse and inclusive environment


How we teach each child should be as individualized as their neuropsychological & neurophysiological profiles.


Children learn best when they’re using their bodies as another learning modality, not fighting them.


Children’s behaviors are the manifestation of emotional, neurological & learned events.


Teaching children the science that informs how they think, feel and act empowers them to create their own best futures & builds

empathetic communities of learners.



Cajal Academy welcomes high-intellect children—both those with disabilities and those without—to learn together in a single, inclusive community with both an intellectually challenging curriculum and the therapeutic services that twice exceptional students need to unlock their gifts. Cajal Academy is founded on a number of core beliefs:

  • That children need challenge, opportunity and community with their peers to develop their gifts;

  • That education should be as individualized as the learners we seek to educate;

  • That scientific advances in understanding the brain, the body and how they intersect should be the basis of educational programming;

  • That children build resilience for their own challenges and compassion for those of others when they understand the science behind the human experience;

  • That children can be empowered to take agency over their own learning, social and emotional outcomes, through personalized strategies they can use to self-monitor, self-regulate and self-advocate;

  • That diversity is a critical component of the educational experience, and extends well beyond racial, economic and religious diversity to include differences in how we are neurologically “wired”; and

  • That no child should have to choose between learning with their peers and having their learning needs met.

We are redesigning education and the classroom experience from the ground up based on these principles. We are building in the expertise and tiered levels of support that are required to support some of our community’s least-served learners, including twice exceptional and gifted learners, neuro-diverse children, “sensory kids” and those having chronic medical conditions. To facilitate this, we are building a coalition of scientific and educational leaders and practitioners to bring together neuropsychological, neurophysiological and educational research in a way that has not been done before.

Cajal Academy launched a small pilot program in spring 2019 and are evaluating facilities in lower Fairfield County for the 2019-2020 school year. We intend to seek accreditation for our program.


Cajal Academy launches in fall, 2019!

Neuroscience-driven, innovative program combining individualized instruction, therapeutic expertise and project-based learning to empower twice-exceptional kids & their peers. Accepting applications on a rolling basis for the 2019-20 school year.


What Makes Cajal Academy Different: