Runway for passionate, gifted and twice-exceptional learners

21st century success isn’t just defined by traditional professional roles but by pursuing the passions, problems and values that matter most to you. Identifying those passions and developing the toolbox needed to independently pursuit them doesn’t just happen — it’s a critical skill that is essential to prepare all children to be the architects of their own future. And, it is an essential component for children with high intellectual and/or artistic aptitude to develop their own potential.

This philosophy drives our classroom and curricular design. It begins in the admissions process, with identifying each child’s strongest skills but also their passions. Our highly-individualized content and instruction is delivered through a mix of core skills classes and project-based learning, pulling in a range of resources and community-based partners. We take a cross-disciplinary approach, developing content through a collaboration not only among different academic areas but integrating body, social and emotional expertise through our body-informed learning.

Across both our core content classes and our project-based learning, everything we do will be mastery-based. Our individualized learning programs are architected to present new content through each child’s strongest cognitive skills while mitigating the effects of the ones that challenge them, allowing them to absorb content in ways that may never have been open to them before.

Children who show high aptitude in a given content area will be given opportunities to explore those interests, using a combination of experiential, traditional and digital learning tools to ensure that each learner has the runway they need to delve into the content at the speed and intensity that’s right for them—but while having shared communal learning and social experiences, so no learner has to be isolated by either their gifts or their challenges.



Mentorships, Corporate Partnerships & Community Collaborations

Developing the skills needed to pursue one’s own passions requires resilience, discipline and organization that they can only develop when they receive intellectual challenge that stays one step ahead of our current level of growth. Yet we recognize, humbly, that often our children’s gifts will far outstrip our own subject matter expertise. All too often, bright and gifted children are allowed to “skate by” on their intelligence without receiving the intellectual “grist” they need to develop basic study skills, research and the growth mindset that all children need to pursue intellectually-challenging futures.

Achieving this for even our most precocious artists and learners requires relationships with mentors who are qualified in their area of passion to spur them on to take their problem-solving to the next level. As we grow, we will look for opportunities to create mentorship relationships between older and younger students with shared interests.

For those students needing still further stretch at any age, we will be introducing a corporate partnership program, pairing students having particular areas of academic or artistic talent with mentors drawn from within industry and/or academia who have the deep level of relevant subject matter expertise required to guide continued student inquiry. Over time, these partnerships can help locally-based corporations develop a feeder system for highly-talented youth through internships, showcase opportunities and more.