Our Campus

Cajal Academy launched a pilot program in spring 2019 in Workspace Education’s innovative co-learning center.


A unique community for self-directed learners.

My son never felt like he fit in.

It wasn’t until we started coming to Workspace that he realized he was meant to stand out.
— Cheryl Viirand, Cajal Academy Co-Founder & President

Cajal Academy is a member of Workspace Education’s Microschool Incubator and launched a pilot program in Spring 2019 that is physically and socially embedded within their first-of-its-kind educational facility and co-learning community.

At Workspace, self-directed learners have access to state-of-the-art science, technology, performing arts and prototyping facilities to discover and develop their own interests. They participate in academic and enrichment classes developed collaboratively among families and educators to teach 21st century learning, social and leadership skills through courses tailored to their interests. Microschools, educator-led courses and family learning co-exist in a rich, open source educational platform. Family participation is the norm at Workspace—which means that students requiring additional parental support whether due to school anxieties or medical needs don’t need home-bound instruction in order to integrate it into their educational program.

Cajal Academy students receive an integrated program of core academic instruction, therapeutic intensives and enrichment classes with highly-qualified instructors who are trained in our unique pedagogy and approach. Membership in Workspace Education is included within Cajal Academy tuition, and Cajal students are encouraged to participate in community-wide celebrations and social activities.

Workspace Education is located in Bethel, CT. As Cajal Academy grows, we will evaluate opportunities to locate the school further south in Fairfield County. Please contact us for more information.


Proud to be a Workspace Education Incubator Microschool